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Woman Last Seen

Woman Last Seen

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By: Adele Parks

When two unconnected happily married women vanish, the investigation becomes a voyeuristic look at toxic relationships and dark desires. Number One Sunday Times bestseller Adele Parks' sizzling new novel is a darkly compelling, utterly engrossing read that unsettles as it entertains...

"Yet another stick of literary dynamite from Adele Parks: chilling, gripping and entirely unputdownable." —Lisa Jewell, New York Times bestselling author


Leigh Fletcher: happily married stepmom to two gorgeous boys goes missing on Monday. Her husband, Mark, says he knows nothing of her whereabouts. She went to work and just never came home. Their family is shattered.

Kai Janssen: married to wealthy Dutch businessman Daan and vanishes the same week. Kai left their luxurious penthouse and glamorous world without a backward glance. She seemingly evaporated into thin air. Daan is distraught.

Detective Clements knows that people disappear all the time—far too frequently. Most run away from things, some run toward and others are taken but find their way back. A sad few never return. These two women are from very different worlds. Their disappearances are unlikely to be connected. And yet, at a gut level, the detective believes they might be.

How could these women walk away from their families, husbands and homes willingly? Clements is determined to unearth the truth, no matter how shocking and devastating it may be.

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