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By: Adam Cesare

"Sick and sardonic and just plain brilliant." -Duane Swierczynski, author of CANARY and EXPIRATION DATE"Sometimes everything goes wrong, in the best possible way. Think Snuff and Cannibal Holocaust meeting at a midnight movie. And then give one of them a camera, the other a knife." - Stephen Graham Jones, author of MONGRELS and THE LAST FINAL GIRLThirty years ago, cynical sleazeball director Tito Bronze took a tiny cast and crew to a desolate island. His goal: to exploit the local tribes, spray some guts around, cash in on the '80s Italian cannibal cinema craze.But the vengeful spirits of the island had other ideas. And before long, guts were squirting behind the scenes, as well. While the camera kept rolling...TRIBESMEN is Adam Cesare's blistering tribute to Eurohorror, Ruggero Deodato, and Lucio Fulci: an irreverent glimpse into grindhouse filmmaking, stuffed inside a rocket of non-stop tropical mayhem.

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