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The Twenty-One - Elizabeth Rusch

The Twenty-One - Elizabeth Rusch

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Compelling and timely, The Twenty-One tells the gripping inside story of the ongoing landmark federal climate change lawsuit, Juliana v. United States. The Twenty-One is for readers of Christiana Soontornvat’s All Thirteen, fans of Steve Sheinkin’s titles, and anyone interested in the environment and climate change, as well as youth activism, politics and government, and the law. Features extensive backmatter.

From severe flooding in Louisiana to wildfires in the Pacific Northwest to melting permafrost in Alaska, catastrophic climate events are occurring more frequently—and severely—than ever. And these events are having a direct impact on the lives (and futures) of young people and their families.

In the ongoing landmark case Juliana v. The United States, twenty-one young plaintiffs claim that the government’s support of the fossil-fuel industry is actively contributing to climate change, and that all citizens have a constitutional right to a stable climate—especially children and young adults because they cannot vote and will inherit the problems.

Elizabeth Rusch’s The Twenty-One is a gripping legal and environmental thriller that tells the story of twenty-one young people and their ongoing case against the U.S. government for denying their constitutional right to life and liberty. A rich, informative, and multi-faceted read, The Twenty-One stars the young plaintiffs and their attorneys; illuminates the workings of the United States’s judicial system and the relationship between government, citizens’ rights, and the environment; and asks readers to think deeply about the future of our planet.

Features extensive backmatter including a timeline, glossary, call to action, additional resources, and photographs.

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