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The Summer Book Club - Susan Mallery

The Summer Book Club - Susan Mallery

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For fans of Elin Hilderbrand and Robyn Carr, three women join the town’s summer book club—devoted entirely to romance novels—and become close friends as they navigate the messiness of motherhood, love, and growing into the person you've always wanted to be.


This summer, a local indie bookstore in the small town of Los Lobos, California is hosting a romance book club, run by two best friends. When a newcomer joins them, conversations about books over a glass of wine turns into something even more precious--lifelong friendship--in THE SUMMER BOOK CLUB.


When Laurel Richards is called into her daughter, Jagger's, school for a parent/teacher conference. Laurel knows it can't be good. And when the teacher reveals that Jagger has been quite vocal about her dislike and distrust of men in class, Laurel realizes that her daughter has heard a few too many of her “I’m never getting married again” rants. Jagger needs a good, strong male role model and clearly her dad—and Laurel’s ex—who’s basically disappeared isn’t cutting it. So she does what any loving mother would do—she finds herself a male friend. Colton is new to town, great with Jagger, and in need of a fake girlfriend while his parents are in town. But when Colton and Laurel’s friendship gets a little closer than Laurel ever envisioned, she worries she’s screwed everything up…until her ex reappears, determined to be part of their lives again. Suddenly men are everywhere, but this time Laurel is determined to show her daughter that love can make you stronger.


Paris Zublena never thought she’d lay eyes on her ex-husband, Jonah, again. They were madly in love when she screwed everything up and she’s beaten herself up about it every single day since. But when Jonah appears in town, single again and with his stepson in tow, Paris can see that this is her last chance to create the future she’s always dreamed about with the man she never could forget….if she can first face her past.


When Cassie Hayden’s siblings fire her from the family business and kick her out of the family home for six months because they want her to have some new experiences, she’s hurt…and then angry. She’s devoted her life to them. So what if her life has been a little same old same old for the last fifteen years? When Cassie moves to cute little California town and joins a book club, everything starts to change. She finds love, close friends, and a passion she never thought possible for an orchard. But when her family freaks out because they need her, Cassie is sure it’s time to run home to her family. But can she go back to the person she used to be—and does she want to?

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