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The Squirrels Have Gone Nuts (Night Frights #4)

The Squirrels Have Gone Nuts (Night Frights #4)

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By: Joe McGee & Teo Skaffa

In this fourth installment in the spooky and silly series that's perfect for fans of Goosebumps and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, a boy ignites the wrath of the neighborhood squirrels!


The last thing Dillon Ford should have done was to throw a tennis ball at the squirrel. He didn't mean to hit it. And he certainly didn't mean for it to fall out of the tree. But now the squirrels are after him. They have the house surrounded. They're on the roof, at every window, and coming down the chimney and through the mail slot. Dillon is a boy under siege and one thing is for sure...the squirrels are pretty nutty!
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