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The Game Master: Mansion Mystery

The Game Master: Mansion Mystery

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By: Rebecca Zamolo & Matt Slays

YouTube stars Matt and Rebecca Zamolo, New York Times bestselling authors and creators of the mega-popular Game Master Network, are back for their second middle grade adventure in Mansion Mystery. This story follows everyone’s favorite mystery-solving team as they go toe-to-toe to thwart the devious plans of the always-menacing Game Master.  

Rebecca Zamolo managed to foil the Game Master’s plans before, but this time the Game Master has pet-napped Nacho, her good friend Miguel’s beloved pet snake. No way is Becca going to let the Game Master get away with this dastardly new plan. But when the clues lead Becca and her new friends in the direction of the one house in their entire neighborhood that none of them ever want to go near, they have no choice but to screw up their courage if they want to rescue Nacho from the Game Master’s clutches.

But the problem is that getting into the super-spooky house is way easier than getting out. The Game Master is up to their old tricks, and Becca, Matt, Kylie, Frankie, Danny, and Miguel are going to have to use all their smarts and strengths if they want to solve the puzzles and games in time to save the day. Mansion Mystery is another action-packed adventure from YouTube’s favorite mystery-solving team, Rebecca and Matt Zamolo, stars of the hugely popular Game Masters Network. 

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