The Deja Glitch | RELEASE DATE 8/1/23

The Deja Glitch | RELEASE DATE 8/1/23

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By: Holly James

A paperback original from the author of Nothing But The Truth, for fans of Palm Springs and In a Holidaze, The Déjà Glitch is a lightly speculative, sparkling rom-com, in which Gemma might be the only person who can break Jack out of the 24-hour time loop he’s been stuck in for five months…if only he can get her to remember him first.

To break out of a 24-hour time loop, all Jack needs is for Gemma to fall in love with him in a single day. All Gemma needs is to remember him first...

Gemma Peters is alright. She’s making a name for herself in the music biz in LA. She’s got a ride or die best friend in Lila, and she gets to come home to Rex, her loving Labrador, every night. She’s also got a “no musicians” rule when it comes to dating. That might be because her rock star ex-boyfriend used her to get a record deal from her rock legend dad, though it’s impossible to say for sure. But with that heartbreak still feeling fresh more than a year later, it’s becoming more like a “no dating” rule, period.

So, when Gemma crashes (literally) into Jack one Friday morning, at first she feels like fate might have finally decided to do her a favor. After all this guy is cute cute and, wait, is she imagining it or is he staring a little too deeply into her eyes? And, OK how does he know her name? She’d think he was stalking her if she wasn’t getting a funny feeling of déjà vu every time she looked at him. It’s not at all like her to kiss a man and forget him completely, so then how can she explain the dreamlike memory of his lips on hers?

If it weren’t for that inexplicable memory and the sense of déjà vu that’s been following her around all day, she’d consider calling the authorities when Jack tells her the unbelievable truth: This is no ordinary Friday. Not for them. In fact, they’ve lived this day over and over 147 times. And while Gemma has been totally oblivious to the time loop, Jack has been agonizingly aware of every single iteration. Luckily, Jack has a theory to bring his own personal Groundhog Day to an end. And it’s simple. All Gemma has to do is fall in love with him in 24 hours.