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The Dead Cat Tail Assassins - P Djeli Clark

The Dead Cat Tail Assassins - P Djeli Clark

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John Wick meets Dungeons & Dragons in the vein of N. K. Jemisin's The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms: Award-winning author P. Djèlí Clark introduces an entirely new world.

Eveen “the Eviscerator” has a pretty good career in Tal Abisi, considering she is very much dead. She gets her assignment, they get shipped nice and quick with her two curved knives, and she gets to keep walking and talking. The undead can’t sleep, but who needs that, really? It just makes her more efficient at the job. Besides, there’s plenty of entertainment at the rambunctious Festival of the Clockwork King.

Everything’s going swimmingly until her latest contract turns out to share a few two many things with Eveen, including her face. Eveen can’t remember her life before being an undead thrall–it’s part of the deal–but still, you can’t just murder someone who might be you! But the third rule of the goddess of assassins is to always finish the job. And the goddess always claims her due.

So Eveen’s left dodging competitor assassins, toppling innocent stepper birds, and high-tailing it through the winding streets of an ancient city full of traps, all while uncovering a conspiracy that takes her up to the goddesses themselves.

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