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The Changing Man - Tomi Oyemakinde

The Changing Man - Tomi Oyemakinde

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A teenage girl gets pulled into investigating the truth behind her new boarding school’s decades-old legend of the Changing Man after a student begins acting out of character, in this debut Young Adult speculative thriller by Tomi Oyemakinde that asks the question: what makes you you?"

I don’t know what it is, but I can feel the wrongness in my gut. In this whole place.

If it was left to her, Ife Adebola wouldn’t be starting at Nithercott Academy. Because despite being in the Urban Achievers scholarship program, her parents can barely afford the tuition. Plus, Ife doesn’t want to lose herself, nor does she plan to form deep connections at her new boarding school. No matter how determined her classmate Bijal is to be friends.

When a fellow Urban Achievers student, Malika, begins acting strange, Ife can’t help but wonder if there’s more going on at Nithercott than she realized. Could there be any truth to the school’s decades-old legend of the Changing Man? Is there any connection to the missing older brother of her classmate Ben?

Despite her fear, as more unexplainable things happen, Ife has no choice but to team up with Ben and Bijal to investigate. The trio will have to act quickly to uncover who—or what—is behind everything before one, or all, of them is the Changing Man’s next victim. . .

Perfect for fans of Ace of Spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé and Jordan Peele's Us, this dread-inducing story will have readers on edge and wondering if the Changing Man is nearby!

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