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Skelly Bob Candle Apple Scented

Skelly Bob Candle Apple Scented

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By: Get Fictional

Celebrate Halloween with Skelly Bob!! He is created with a soy/paraffin wax blend and an all-natural cotton wick. {Soy itself is so soft, it wouldn't hold well together without a container, which is why I've used a blend in this case. It is 52% soy and 48% paraffin.}

It measures approximately 3.25 inches tall and 4.5 inches long.

This candle requires a heat-resistant surface to hold the melted wax and to accommodate any heat from the metal wick tab. Keep this guy burning away from any type of breeze and keep away from curious kids and pets!

These candles are shipped in shrink wrap bags to protect the quality of detail.

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