Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby

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By Ira Levin

Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse were delighted at the chance to move into Bramford, one of Manhattan's oldest and most celebrated apartment houses. Their friend Hutch urged them not to; he knew of too many shadows in the Bramford's past - unsavory tenants like Adrian Marcato, who had practiced witchcraft,

and the monstrous Trench sisters. But Rosemary and Guy were clear-thinking and not at all superstitious. They dismissed Hutch's warnings and moved in.

At first they were completely happy. Rosemary hung curtains and planned a nursery for the baby she hoped to have some day. Guy pursued his career as a stage and television actor. They met their neighbors who were friendly and unintrusive. But then, one day when Rosemary was down in the basement laundry room, a girl her own ago came in ..... Quietly and with a compelling matter-of-factness. Ira Levin tells a story of mounting terror and icy climactic shock in a book that manages to be wildly entertaining as well.

Described by Truman Capote as "a darkly brilliant tale of modern deviltry .... that induces the reader to believe the unbelievable." Rosemary's Baby was both a critical and popular success when it first appeared in 1967. And in his introductions to this exclusive edition discusses Levin's skill as "the Swiss watchmaker of the suspense novel," and expresses his utter admiration for the way the novel takes paranoia to the next - sheer terror.