Pumpkin King Candle
Pumpkin King Candle

Pumpkin King Candle

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By: Get Fictional

"Everyone hail to the pumpkin song." 

Jack Skellington is a Halloween icon, and the frightful holiday wouldn't be the same without him. Most of us grew up watching him every year, and it's a tradition that won't ever change. 

Pumpkin King has a spiced pumpkin scent with just a hint of the dark forest Jack travels through while contemplating life. It's spooky and full of the autumn season.

9oz Wooden Wick

The candles all come in amber jars & the wax is the natural color of soy.

About Get Fictional Candles

All candles are made with 100% soy wax and pthalate-free fragrance oils. You may notice a slight amount of frosting over time, but this in no way affects the burn time or scent of your candle - it's simply the nature of all-natural soy wax.