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BY: Joshilyn Jackson

“A finely paced, shrewdly observed, multi-tiered story . . . A thinking (and feeling) reader’s thriller.” –Wall Street Journal 

The New York Times bestselling author of the critically acclaimed Never Have I Ever returns with an even more addictive novel of domestic suspense in which a mother must decide how far she is willing to go to protect her child and the life she loves.

“Chilling, thought-provoking, and hauntingly written, Mother May I kept me on the edge of my seat with its breathless race against time.” —Megan Miranda, New York Times bestselling author of The Girl from Widow Hills

Revenge doesn’t wait for permission.

Growing up poor in rural Georgia, Bree Cabbat was warned that the world was a dark and scary place. Bree rejected that fearful outlook, and life has given her everything she dreamt of: a loving lawyer husband, two talented daughters, a baby boy, a gorgeous home, and every opportunity in the world.

Until she wakes to find an old woman, her gaze hungry and avid and eerily menacing, peering in her bedroom window. Before Bree can react, she vanishes. Bree shakes it off as the remnant of a dream. Later that day though, she spies the same woman in the parking lot of her daughters’ school . . . just minutes before Bree’s infant son, asleep in his car seat, vanishes. A note is left in his place, warning Bree that if she wants her baby back, she cannot deviate in any way from the instructions that follow.

To save her son, Bree must complete one small—but critical—task. Her action comes with a devastating price, making her complicit in a tangled web of secrets that will lead to dangerous places and chilling truths.

Bree will do whatever it takes to protect her family—but what if the cost tears their world apart?

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