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Marla - Jonathan Janz

Marla - Jonathan Janz

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Only 500 numbered copies made, Smyth sewn, offset printed copies, signed by the author.

Every small town has ghosts. King’s Branch has Marla.

A reclusive young woman who lives with her mother in a creepy Gothic house, Marla Gorman is the stuff of urban legends. Some believe she’s a prisoner. Others claim she’s a witch.

The evening of the first murder, Detective Carl Lancaster sees Marla leering at him from her bedroom window. He sees her again at the exact moment a second man is killed. And though Marla was nowhere near either murder site, Carl is convinced she’s connected to the crimes.

To Carl, Marla is a menace. To social worker Annie Frost, Marla bears a bizarre connection to her past. To Dylan Ellison, a struggling college student, Marla might be the companion for which he’s been longing.

But none of them understands Marla’s true nature. She’s about to plunge them—and everyone in King’s Branch—into an unspeakable nightmare and teach them the true meaning of terror.


"Jonathan Janz is one of the few horror writers working today who can truly unnerve his readers. Marla is a grippingly suspenseful story, full of brutality, tantalizing mystery, and sacrifice. From the very first sentence, there is an unsettling eeriness that permeates each line. Marla showcases one of the genre's most chilling voices. Janz has crafted a nightmare of a book!"
—Ross Jeffery, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of Tome

"Marla charges hard out of the gate and never stops moving until its final pages. Janz’s tale is propulsive and sometimes gut-wrenching, yet ultimately shot through with a strain of tenderness and heart that I didn’t see coming."
—Nick Cutter, author of Little Heaven

"The nightmare tension and dread Janz generates in Marla is top-notch, and reaches a new level of intensity I’ve not seen in his rich prose before. This is Janz in top form. Marla is dark, disturbing, and beautiful...but mostly it’s terrifying."
—James A. Moore, author of the Blood Red trilogy

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