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Malicia - Steven dos Santos

Malicia - Steven dos Santos

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Release Date 9/12/23

This hair-raising horror explores friendship, queer love, and mental illness in a haunted Dominican theme park full of mythic evils.

High school friends, Ray, Sophia, Joaquin, and Isabella embark on a perilous Halloween weekend to Malicia, a now defunct horror theme park off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

Ray enlisted his friends to help him make a documentary of the park where his mother and brother were murdered in a mass killing. But what Ray doesn’t know is that Joaquin, his crush, was the sole survivor of that massacre all those years ago. With an impending hurricane and horrors around every corner, they all struggle to survive the park while discovering secrets about each other as their weekend adventure goes off the rails.

The group must not only face the deadly storm and their own inner demons, but also the ancient malignant presence on the island, threatening to plunge them into madness, and destroy them one by one.

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