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Into the Windwracked Wilds - A Deborah Baker

Into the Windwracked Wilds - A Deborah Baker

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For readers of Kelly Barnhill and Cat Valente's Fairyland books, adventure and danger lurk Along the Saltwise Sea in this new book by Seanan McGuire's latest open pseudonym, A. Deborah Baker.

  • We published Seanan's epic modern fantasy to great acclaim. Into the Windwracked Wilds is tied in to the mythology in that series and will be a must-read for Middlegame fans.
  • The author has built up a dedicated following for her fairy-tale style Wayward Children books, and this follow-up to Over the Woodward Wall and Across the Saltwise Sea will be met with enthusiasm by this readership.
  • Seanan McGuire's tireless self-promotion has earned her a huge Twitter following (63k followers), where she is vocal, maintains a vibrant personality, and frequently interacts with her fans.
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