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In the Dark - Kate Hoefler & Corinna Luyken

In the Dark - Kate Hoefler & Corinna Luyken

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With striking illustrations that will make your soul fly and spare text that will make your heart dance, this lyrical picturebook encourages us to set aside our snap judgements and quiet our fears of the unknown by shining light on what has been kept in the dark.

They came in the dark, and took the narrow path that only witches used. Everyone said that's what they were . . . But what if everyone was wrong? Watch what happens when one girl steps into the woods and gets to know these newcomers. The spooky black cat? Meet Mingus! The broomsticks and cloaks? Cloth and wooden handles. And those shadows in the sky? Handmade kites, fluttering in the breeze. When the breeze becomes a blustery storm, everything changes...including first impressions. Told from two perspectives, here is a gentle and timely reminder that all it takes to bridge the gap of misunderstanding and fear between people is an open and willing heart.

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