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Hex and the City - Kate Johnson

Hex and the City - Kate Johnson

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This spooky season, curl up with the perfect witchy romcom for fans of Erin Sterling’s The Kiss Curse and Lana Harper’s Payback’s a Witch!

Poppy is a witch who lives in a beautiful, ramshackle house in Highgate with her landlady Iris, a formidable witch who regularly invites her coven round for bitching sessions and badly-made brownies. Poppy works at Hubble Bubble in Covent Garden, a ‘magic’ shop selling crystals, potions, pendants to tourists – but none of it contains actual real magic, because that would be highly irresponsible. The other thing you should know about Poppy is that she has incredible, magical hair – think Rapunzel in Tangled… it’s blonde with streaks of colours in, very long and Poppy is forever losing things in it – hairbrushes, broomsticks…the usual.

Into the shop one day walks Axl Storm (real name Alex) a gorgeous magician/entertainer who looks like Thor – tall, blonde manbun, six pack – and has women fawning all over him. He buys a pendent for those seeking wisdom and enlightenment. And when a few hours later Poppy realises the pendent Alex bought is actually cursed, all hell breaks loose throwing together the guy with fake magic and the witch with real magic in this opposites attract, forced proximity witchy romcom! 

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