Hans Christian Andersen: The Journey of His Life

Hans Christian Andersen: The Journey of His Life

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AGES 5-9

By: Heinz Janisch & Maja Kastelic

"If you like, I'll tell you the story of a boy who learned to fly."

 Through an enchanted conversation with a young girl in a horse-drawn coach, Hans Christian Andersen shares his life's struggles, dreams, and triumphs--whose threads can be found woven into his greatest stories. He tells her about the "fairy tale of his life" and how the son of a shoemaker became a celebrated writer.

 Heinz Janisch paints a sensitive portrait of Andersen and his literary work. Maja Kastelic has developed a well-suited illustration concept for this story that combines sumptuous art of a picture book with elements of a graphic novel. Thus, for the first time, H. C. Andersen's life and work become a fascinating collage in picture book form.

 A moving, inventive story about the life of Hans Christian Andersen.