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Chasing Eleanor - Kerry Chaput

Chasing Eleanor - Kerry Chaput

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"I was hooked from page one... this heart-warming novel is ultimately about the hope that comes with learning to trust and finding family in unlikely places." -Tracey Lange, New York Times Bestseller, We Are the Brennans

Newly orphaned Magnolia Parker must protect her sick little brothers, but when the authorities send the boys to an unknown orphan asylum, Magnolia calls on her unwavering grit to bring them home. She's lost everything but still has a secret weapon-a promise from Eleanor Roosevelt, the most famous woman in America. Setting out on a cross country quest, she befriends two unlikely travelers: Hop, a migrant worker with a big heart, and Red, a young girl traumatized into silence. Hunger and dust storms aren't the only dangers this found family faces on the rails. After an assault, they're forced to outrun the police, all while trying to track down the First Lady. But time is running out and Magnolia's chance to reunite her siblings depends on one thing-finding Eleanor.

Award-winning historical author Kerry Chaput is back with a touching story of loss and survival set in America's Great Depression. With vivid details and unforgettable characters, Chasing Eleanor takes readers on an adventure of the heart, where a young woman finds hope in the most unlikely places. A touching tribute to the great Eleanor Roosevelt, this adventure-filled story will entertain and inspire all ages.

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