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Breaking News - Raina Delisle

Breaking News - Raina Delisle

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Part of the nonfiction Orca Think series for middle-grade readers, this illustrated book introduces kids to the news media and why it matters.

The news can inform and inspire, but it can also misinform and mislead.

Becoming a savvy news consumer is more important than ever as people are spending an increasing amount of time on the internet and social media, where they're exposed to fake news and clickbait. And as major news events such as the COVID-19 pandemic have shown us, the global spread of misinformation and disinformation puts lives at risk and accurate and reliable information can save lives.

Breaking News: Why Media Matters helps kids become critical news consumers and teaches them how to tell fact from fiction. It explores the history of the media industry, the important roles the news plays today and the challenges it faces, and it gives kids the tools they need to find the news they can use.

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