Big Shop Announcement

Hi Everyone!

In the midst of everything, all the ups and downs, we've found a permanent home not only for Books Around the Corner but for our family. That's right we found our very own Bob's Burgers setup and just closed on the purchase of our very own condo. 

We are lucky that the condo is a mixed use space already setup for a business downstairs and an apartment upstairs. The seller is willing to carry the loan for us the first 5 years to make this all possible. With my chronic health conditions I won't be open to the public on a regular basis but will be in some capacity all explained below.

So what will we offer the community?
- Porch Pickup
Pickup will be done through a pickup container on the front porch (yes porch!) of the space to give customers flexibility of picking a day not a time to pickup.

- Shipping

- Personalized Shopping Appointments
Appointments can be made by emailing us or texting the text line. You will email/text what day/time you'd prefer and we'll let you know if it's available. Same day appointments will be limited and appointments are 1 hour. Appointments can be booked now. First available appointment day is Friday April 22nd.

- Book Clubs - Book clubs will remain online so we can have participants from all over the country attend.

- SPOOKY DAYS - These will be days (usually a Fri, Sat, or Sun) throughout the month that we'll be open to the public all day and no appointment will be required on those days. These will be posted on our website and social media. Hours TBD. Our official re-re-re-re-opening and first SPOOKY DAY will be Independent Bookstore Day. Saturday April 30th (hours TBD).

We will continue to be Halloween/spooky focused carrying mostly horror, mystery, and true crime for all ages but will also be bringing in some of our favorite titles in other genres as well as used books. If you've been ordering through our Bookshop page you can still do so if you need shipping or you can move back to doing special orders through email and then pickup.

Address will be: 393 NE Kelly Ave, Gresham, OR 97030. The bookstore will be on the first floor and in the next few months we'll be moving into the apartment upstairs and making it our home. I want to thank all of you that donated to our GoFundMe when it was active. All of your donations will be helping with the down payment, moving costs, and other expenses we need to put in place to re-open.

If you haven't or want to donate to help with closing and moving costs (last time), etc, you can Sponsor a Stack (Drop down menu shows different denominations), place an order, or buy a book subscription today.

Keep reading and follow us on social media to see what we're reading and watching!



Stephanie & Spooky