Prador Moon

Prador Moon

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By: Neal Asher

Prador Moon is one of Neal Asher's most explosive excursions into the Polity universe - a vivid, visceral, brilliantly intense space opera that you won't soon forget.


It takes one encounter to turn peace into war . . .


The worlds of the Polity stretch from Earth Central into the unfathomable reaches of the galactic void. And when humanity finally encounters alien life - in the form of massive, hostile carnivores known as the Prador - there can only be one outcome. Total warfare.


Chaos reigns as, caught unawares, the Polity struggles to regain control. It must try and remake itself into a military society as starships clash, planets fall and space stations are overrun. But for Jebel Krong and Moria Salem, trapped at the centre of the action, this war is far more than a clash of cultures or technology versus brute force.


This war is personal.