Queens and Kings and Other Royal Rotters ( Corpse Talk )

Queens and Kings and Other Royal Rotters ( Corpse Talk )

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By: Adam Murphy

Historical monarchs are interviewed from the grave in this hilarious children's graphic novel.


Discover the incredible stories of rulers throughout history in this hilarious graphic novel that brings the dead famous to life.


Welcome to Corpse Talk, the talk show with a difference--all of the guests are dead! Meet your host, comic book artist Adam Murphy, as he interviews eighteen magnificent monarchs throughout history. Have you heard of Moctezuma, the last ruler of the Aztecs? Or wondered why Queen Victoria was not amused? This graphic novel answers all of your questions about the lives of these infamous leaders, from the struggles they overcame for their countries to their personal challenges.


Bold and expressive illustrations by Adam and Lisa Murphy bring historical events to life, literally, while humorous text makes learning history fun. Full page illustrations give more detail on the bigger picture behind the kings and queens' stories, with special features on the Battle of Hastings in 1066, an overview of the workings of Ramesses II's empire, and a gruesome timeline of Henry VIII's (mostly) unfortunate brides. Whether you're a fan of these superb sovereigns or just love a good story, this graphic novel will not fail to inspire you and make you laugh.