PICTURE BOOKS | Spooky's Monthly Book Box Subscription

PICTURE BOOKS | Spooky's Monthly Book Box Subscription

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Picture Books  (Recommended ages 0-6 years). 
One new book a month and sometimes a second book (Advanced Readers Copy or Used)
Our new book subscription service delivers a carefully curated book (sometimes 1st editions, signed copies, and free swag), by librarian and owner, Stephanie, and of course our shop cat Spooky, directly to your door step each month. We keep track of everything we send you to avoid sending any duplicates.

***Please be sure to include your email when checking out.
$25 - 1 Month
$75 - 3 Months
$150 - 6 Months (Receive One Free Bookish Swag Package)
$300 - 1 Year (Receive One Free Bonus Month)



What is Spooky's Monthly Book Box?

Spooky's Monthly Book Box is a book subscription. Each month we carefully select book(s) to send to your door or for you to pick up. 

When will a receive my Spooky's Monthly Book Box Subscription?

Your box will be shipped from our shop within a few days of purchasing your book box unless you email us otherwise. It will be shipped via media mail and takes 2-8 business days to arrive. For in store pick up you will receive an email that your order is ready.

 If I buy a 3 month, 6 month, or year subscription can I choose when it arrives?
Yes! If you want it delivered  around a specific date or skip a month we will try to accomodate but know it generally takes about 14 days from the time you place the order to the time of delivery. If we don't hear from you we'll send out your monthly box approximately the same time from when you first bought your surbscription.

I’d like to pick up my order do I get a discount?

If you’ve decided to pick up your order no discount will be applied but we will throw in a bookish item (button, magnet, sticker, etc) to balance out the lack of shipping costs. And as always cuddles with Spooky!


Can I use a gift card to pay for the subscription?


 I received a book I already have, what do I do?

If you are close to our bookshop, you can bring it back for a comparable exchange. If you are not close by, you can mail it back to us and we will add another book into your next shipment if you have one and if not we'll ship another to you. We do not cover shipping costs for returned items that you mail back to us.

 Can I give a subscription as a gift?

Of course! After all they are portable magic. You just purchase it and then email us the name and address of the recipient. If you want it delivered to them around a specific date we will try to accomodate but know it generally takes about 14 days from the time you place the order to the time of delivery.

I have more questions how can I contact you?

The best way to contact us is to send an email at 

 Stay Spooky and Happy Reading!