Not Book vs Adaptation but Book AND Adaptation

Not Book vs Adaptation but Book AND Adaptation

There's been a lot of talk about My Best Friend's Exorcism's adaptation along with other adaptations and remakes. Most of this feedback has been negative. As a bookseller, reader, and lover of books and film I look at every adaptation as that: an adaptation. Why do we need to compare every detail whether small or even big plot points? These are supposed to be adaptations not replicas.

Adapt: : to make fit (as for a new use) often by modification

How about we just be positive and happy that someone is taking a chance to bring the story and characters to life. When big plot points change I actually enjoy it because then at least I have some surprises along the new journey I get to take. So to end this love letter to adaptations...thank you to all those authors, writers, directors, and producers that give us the opportunity to see a visual adaptation through your eyes AND incredible soundtracks.

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